Our Team


Tula Bahadur Magar (Founder)

Among the expertise in this Agency, one of the expert personality in tourism Mr. Tula Bahadur Magar has started his tourism career since 2004 A.D. initially he started his career from basic level of trekking and now he is in leading role of this agency. During his career in tourism he had work with many different trekking agencies in various position. Apart from trekking he has also good experience of high Himalaya, Mr. Magar has a several times of experience in Ice climbing of Nepal. By his experience since 2004 made him confident and managerially strong. Mr. Magar now very much sincere to provide the pleasant trekking, tour and expedition experience to his clients without any trouble in both indoor and outdoor management.

With a passionate personality, reliable and dedicated individual Mr. Magar always try to connect with his worldwide clients  with cultivated long lasting relationship. Mr. Magar proudly wants to welcome by heart the travelers from all around the world. He is always responsible to his dedicated work with pleasant hospitality. He believes on “client’s satisfaction is his satisfaction.”



Badri thapa Magar

Exclusive MD of Lead Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Badri Magar was born in Dusa/ Ranem, East part of the Everest region of Nepal. He was born 1980, and he started the trekking from 2000 he got the chance to Engage in this field from young age. He has long Experience about the trekking field. He got certified by Government of Nepal as a licensed trekking guide, He is best trekking leader and guide. He got many different training like First Add, Basic First Add and Advance. Himalayan rescue, High Altitude risk and leadership training, from KEEP, M.A.N. and many more. He can speak English and Hindi Fluently he led thousands of visitors to the different trekking Areas like all over the Nepal Tibet and India. Lay Ladakh and Sikkim. He knows very well about trekking tour Adventures climbing Expedition and he can organize all that. He has got good knowledge About Nepalese Himalayas .cultures, and religion He is good in customer service.



Nir kumar Magar (Niru)

 Manager (lead Nepal Treks Pvt. ltd.)

Niru is young, responsible, trustful, intelligent, and well experience person in his place in tourism industry. He is from Eastern part of lower Solukhumbu district, and he has been started his career in tourism from trekking porter, trekking cook, trekking guide, thus during that time he guided many different major destination of Nepal, so he is able to achieve great  experience through the ups and downs in his professional career. He has been working long time in tourism industry, and working as a trekking leader, He is always caring about our well being planned everything carefully. His hobby is in travel to the world and will be a more comfortable for our clients. Niru has a best experience in the great mountain world of Nepal, and of course he shows his ability all what is necessaries during our team work.