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Outdoor Team

our Leaders  team is so experience in tourism industry.


Shankar Rai


Trekking leader (Lead Nepal Treks PVT. LTD.)


Shankar Rai is born in Everest region, lower part of Solukhumbu district and he is a reliable, certified from the Nepal government and best experience trekking leader.  He started trekking from 1990, so during the time he trekked all over the Nepal with many groups thus he knows how to handballing the groups and he knows that what clients need for. He manages very well adventure activities.  Mr. Rai has a long experience in tourism industry.  That why our clients satisfied and feel easy with him to do the Nepal trekking in Himalaya region. Everybody easily find the guide but it is hard to find the best Guide, he has a lot of best experience for the Nepal trekking.

Mahesh Magar

Trekking Leader (Lead Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.)

Mahesh Magar is young, intelligent and friendly trekking leader over 15 years’ experience in trekking all over the Nepal. He is high qualified English speaking trekking guide. He loves Nature and local activities, so, he describes the best way about our cultures and local activities. Mr. Magar is wishing to show Nepal to the clients in best place and best way. He has all the necessaries documents certified from the Nepal government. It is great to have a Guide him in Nepal Himalaya trekking and Adventures.

Shubaraj Rana Magar


Trekking Leader in Lead Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Shubaraj Magar was born in lower part of Solukhumbu district, he is hardworking, young, intelligent, and friendly and certify from the Nepal government English speaking trekking Guide in all trekking route of Nepal. He has a long experience in tourism industry. We found Mr. Magar has a best leading idea in tourism field, so our clients are fully certified with him. His goal is the main satisfaction of his clients. We are sure you will feel easy with him during your Trekking in Nepal.

Gopal Magar

Trekking leader in Leas Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.
Gopal Magar is a very responsible guide in our company. He have a long years’ experience in tourism industry. He was born in Lower part of Everest region and from the childhood he started in tourism field. He has all the knowledge about the trekking in Nepal. He is friendly, energetic and reliable trekking leader. Mr. Magar has a good moral, certified from the Nepal government. We are sure about him that if you give the chance to serve, you will fully satisfied with him. He has a lot of different training about the mountaineering and trekking, so we say that he is a wonderful experience guide in our company.

Leader of Lead Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Badri Magar was born in lower Solukhumbu , East part of the Everest region of Nepal. He was born 1980, and he started the trekking since 2000 he got the chance to Engage in this field from young age. He has long Experience about the trekking field. He got certified by Government of Nepal as a licensed trekking guide, He is best trekking leader and guide. He got many different training like First Add, Basic First Add and Advance. Himalayan rescue, High Altitude risk and leadership training, from KEEP, M.A.N. and many more. He can speak English and Hindi Fluently he led thousands of visitors to the different trekking Areas like all over the Nepal Tibet and India. Lay Ladakh and Sikkim. He knows very well about trekking tour Adventures climbing Expedition and he can organize all that. He has got good knowledge About Nepalese Himalayas .cultures, and religion He is good in customer service.