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Why Trekking with Us ?

For many outdoor enthusiasts, Nepal. where one’s dream-adventures come true. As a pioneer in adventure, outdoor and mountain outfitting in Nepal, Lead Nepal Trek (LNT) has been helping outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, alike, realize their own haven among the Himalayas of Nepal.

From humble beginnings, few years ago, LNT offered guide services to individual adventurers seeking to traverse the unique landscapes of Nepal. In decades that followed, our company grew into one of the industries most regarded and reliable outfitting company – offering its own brand of pre-planned and custom expeditions to clients all over the world.

Decades of experience, industry insights and partnerships with world-renowned travel-adventure companies and elite athletes, has helped LNT stay on the forefront of the evolving adventure tourism of Nepal; and with its uncompromising aspirations LNT continues to improve on its services. Most recently, realizing the value and advantage of a synergetic approach, LNT has forged a network of local and international partners to deliver an enhanced, more efficient and personalized service guaranteed to satisfy all of our partners’ needs.

Be it trips to the remotest corners or the highest mountains of Nepal, our partners can rest assured and expect nothing short of the best! LNT takes care of the logistics so our partners can focus on their goal! High-end gears, experienced guides and an reliable support team, available all hours of the day, are some of the perks that define our unrivaled service. Each successive expedition bolsters our confidence and our ambition to lead the adventure outfitting industry to new heights.

LNT’s trips and expeditions are planned and executed impeccably–because if there is one thing we have learned from decades of service is that professionalism and quality always come first.